Split w/ Reeking Cross

by Landfill



Recorded 01/2017 in Lima,OH and West Allis, WI


released February 9, 2017

Connor // Vocals
Will // Noise


all rights reserved



Landfill Lima, Ohio

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Track Name: Good Douche Backed Hard
Living, breathing trashcans granted asylum for kissing ass and playing in cool bands. Punk aristocracy shirking civic responsibility. Kick teeth into concrete and clean up the streets. End diplomatic immunity
Track Name: Three Of Swords
Cleave my heart in three and burn it as an offering. Is your mouth still running? Better go catch it. Blood clouds the bathtub. Et tu?
Track Name: Preparation H&K
Two hundred and thirty grains of copper jacketed lead cutting through a black bandana and exiting the back of your head. Martyr with a halo of red. We spent years preparing for you to arrive fashionably late to the party you weren't invited to.
Track Name: King
Broken on a wheel with spokes of rat carrion, dragging the dead weight until I gnaw myself apart or succumb to starvation. No light at the end of this Chinese fingertrap.
Track Name: Psychosomatic Itch
Felt a movement my leg hair so I'm sleeping in the bathtub with the lights on again. Was that just a piece of lint or am I seeing shit? Delay the inevitable. I can sleep when I'm dead.
Track Name: Cellular Mitosis
An old man with missing fingers on his hands once told me he helped free Ireland with fireworks, a bag of nails, and an empty coffee can. Sell a man a wish and he'll go to bed disillusioned. Teach a man cruelty and he'll become the solution.
Track Name: Morgellons
Psychically unraveling like an old ragdoll thread-bare from parasitoid rumination. Burn out the bugs with bleach. Mutually assured extrication.
Track Name: Flyblown Gaia
We vomit the flesh into liquid and hair into dust. The desert swallows the flora as the mountains start to rust. Bouncing off the sash to die on the sill.
Track Name: Crippled Horse
I've been rode hard and put to bed wet, sleeping on my back while puking on my chest.
Track Name: Stained Glass Ceiling
Nine out of every ten eleven year olds wants to be a doctor or an astronaut, but someone still has to scrub the toilets they use to flush the dead dreams like carnival goldfish and feces. Eight in ten use tips to pay off student loan debt. Jesus wept.
Track Name: Lone Weeaboo Emerges From It's Chrysalis As A Wizard
Sperglord supreme exists as an abstract, offering dialectical political analysis while fucking a pillow with cartoon tits printed on it.
Track Name: Championship Rust Belt
Scavengers combing through the wreckage of the American Dream suplexed to death by outsourced industry. Hencho en Mexico. Corporate fucking heel.
Track Name: Frailty
Making it rain blank rubber checks. Alligator mouth. Canary ass. Inaction.


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